Mirth Provisions Introduces New Drinkable Joy: The First Cannabis Beverage as Fast-Acting as Booze

Your high just got a heck of a lot more marvelous. This summer, Mirth Provisions®—a leading cannabis-infused edibles and drinkables company in the Pacific Northwest—is thrilled to launch the first cannabis beverage that takes you from zero-to-60 in about 10 minutes. This sparkling tonic finally solves the #1 challenge in consumable cannabis products: speed from consumption to chillaxation. With the introduction of Gravitine™ II, a patent-pending technology originally developed for Mirth’s Drift sublingual spray, the company’s entire product line will deliver the reliable, fast-acting, delicious, sharable, bliss-filled buzz Mirth Provisions® products are known for.

“Our consumer trials with Gravitine™ II have been amazing, consistently reporting an average eight-to-15-minute onset for all kinds of consumers,” said Steven Howard, vice president of innovation for Mirth. “Finally, you can feel your drinkable high as fast as any other mood-altering beverage.”

This isn’t the high your parents settled for. Mirth’s innovative, consumer-focused happiness-stewards continue to develop exciting new ideas in cannabis, including:

  • Otto’s™ High Hopped Cider: A dry, low sugar and non-alcoholic hopped cider, Otto’s is made with cider and beer drinkers in mind. With 10mg of CBD and 5mg of THC per bottle, it’s perfect for those looking to enjoy more than one. Look for product to be on store shelves in August.
  • GIANT™: An all-natural botanical shot of bliss, GIANT is the ultimate edibles epiphany. Robust botanicals align with consumers’ favorite cannabis strains to produce a harmonic convergence of mind and body featuring with four unique experiences: Waking, Gentle, Joy and Mental. GIANT is now on store shelves in Washington State and is coming soon to Oregon and California.
  • SWIFT™: A microdose CBD sublingual spray that takes Mirth into a variety of CBD-only products on sale outside of regulated cannabis markets.

“It’s time to rewrite our bad edibles stories. Never again will people need to accidentally over-consume because their high doesn’t kick in right away,” said Adam Stites, founder of Mirth. “It’s finally possible to get your groove on quickly and reliably. Products made with Gravitine™ II process are the ideal alternatives to alcohol for today’s health conscious consumer.”

Mirth Provisions is in the middle of a national brand expansion, stoked to serve customers in more than 600 cannabis retailers throughout Arizona, California, Oregon and Washington State, where the company is the market share leader in the cannabis beverage category. Mirth will expand its distribution to Colorado this month. Mirth has gained national recognition for its unique cannabis products and has been featured in CNN, Time, The New York Times, Bloomberg Business and Fox Business TV, among many others.

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