Extract Wellness Introduces Two Ingredient Clinical Strength 6000mg Hemp Extract Oil

Extract Wellness, LLC today announced the launch of its Clinical Strength 6000mg hemp extract oil, its most potent product, to help those living with chronic or severe conditions and in need of a larger dose to manage their symptoms. The new hemp extract oil delivers 100mg of all natural, preservative free extract oil per one ml dropper and, like all Extract Wellness products, is made from 100% pure Kentucky hemp. Available in natural flavor, the oil consists of only two ingredients – pure 100% Kentucky hemp extract oil and medium chain triglycerides (MCT) coconut oil.

“With so many individuals living with chronic conditions such as Crohn’s disease, debilitating arthritis, and even cancer, we knew we needed to address the need for our Clinical Strength hemp extract oil,” said Jeff Amrein, Founder and CEO of Extract Wellness. “We answered their call for a consistent, high quality, clinical strength hemp extract oil. Customers continue to share their great success stories of using this as part of their wellness treatment protocol.”

Extract Wellness has been sought out by those in need of high potency hemp extract oil including Michelle Blanton-Liddle and her son, Tyler Blanton, both of Colorado. Tyler was diagnosed at 9 years old with severe Crohn’s disease. Blanton-Liddle scoured the internet for options for her son, now 21, in the hopes it would aid in his much needed healing process and provide intestinal inflammation relief. In late 2017 when Blanton-Liddle found Extract Wellness and realized her high school friend, Amrein, was leading the company, she immediately reached out to learn more about their product. Soon after, Blanton began using Extract Wellness oil in addition to his strict diet, Stelara and cannabis treatment protocol.

“People don’t realize how just starting with hemp extract can raise the quality of health and life by addressing so many issues,” said Blanton-Liddle. “There is so much confusion, misinformation and lack of standards out there. Our journey was entirely self-guided until we found the right treatment protocol for Tyler. I was relieved when Extract Wellness was able to ensure he could get a consistent supply of high quality, pure, all natural hemp extract oil free from pesticides, solvents and metals. They adhere to strict quality standards with published lab reports and full transparency regarding their production and processing. Those things matter when you’re dealing with trying to heal someone’s body. Extract Wellness hemp extract oil is a vital part of his wellness.”

Blanton’s recent colonoscopies, done six months apart, reveal a dramatic improvement in his health. “My doctor said I’m in a state of ‘deep, deep remission from a GI perspective,’” said Blanton. “This is the first time in my life that we have control of the disease. To have battled it for 12 years and have seen such a change in 6 months – that’s what I want people to see. Hemp extract is legal and I think it should be the first thing introduced into the protocol of a sick person.” (For more information on Tyler Blanton’s journey, click here to read an April 2018 in-depth discussion between Extract Wellness and Tyler.)

The confusion Blanton-Liddle mentions has a lot to do with the fact that there are different kinds of CBD oil available. There is oil from the cannabis plant with varying levels of the psychoactive element, THC, and also oil from hemp, legal in all 50 states with a THC level of .3% or less in its full spectrum state. With increasing awareness and demand for alternative medications, some healthcare providers are taking a closer look at ways to address and manage chronic diseases.

“As providers we need to be aware of and educated about the complementary and alternative medications our patients are using in the treatment of their chronic diseases. Our prescription and FDA approved treatments for inflammatory bowel disease do not effectively treat 100% of our patients,” said Jeffrey A. Tuvlin, MD, a gastroenterology specialist in Louisville, KY. “In a time when there is a growing epidemic of opioid pain medication use, more studies are needed to assess the potential role of these treatments in chronic inflammatory conditions.”

Given this new product is designed for those seeking a natural option for more serious conditions and who need higher amounts of hemp extract oil, Extract Wellness is offering it at a value price point. “Providing an option for those living with chronic conditions to add hemp extract oil to their treatment and wellness protocol at an affordable price is in keeping with our core values including providing high quality natural wellness solutions and acting with integrity in everything we do,” said Amrein. The two ounce Clinical Strength oil is available online only at ExtractWellness.com for $349.95.

About Extract Wellness:
Extract Wellness, LLC is an independently owned company that provides innovative hemp extract solutions for natural wellness. Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Extract Wellness is a leading resource in the hemp extract industry. All Extract Wellness products are grown and harvested by Kentucky farmers, handcrafted, all natural, and made with only 100% Kentucky hemp extract. Learn more at http://www.ExtractWellness.com.

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