Hart Cunningham Discusses the Benefits of Medical Marijuana

It’s no secret that the healthcare system in the United States is depriving millions of Americans of quality health care. But, access to life-saving drugs is also being prohibited by another institution.

For Americans suffering from cancer, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, and many more ailments, the federal government routinely makes life not just more difficult, but, in many cases, shorter. Affordable, effective drugs are also kept out of reach of Americans with non-life threatening illnesses such as glaucoma and anxiety.

Our Government is Preventing Effective Healthcare

Whether a lack of education or outright prohibition, the federal government’s stance on medical cannabis has prevented millions of Americans from accessing a drug they are desperately in need of: cannabinoids. Commonly known as CBD, this non-psychoactive therapy is often mistaken for the recreational element found within cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

The current US Attorney General Jeff Sessions may be vacillating between “cracking down on marijuana” and not pushing federal prosecutors to begin working “small marijuana cases,” but that does nothing to lift trade prohibiting federal trade regulations, nor recognize CBD as a medicine eligible for health insurance coverage. The government’s long curated cannabis stigma has eroded; more than 3/5 of Americans want the federal government to stop interfering with states’ decisions to legalize cannabis.

Curing Americans with CBD

One incoming 2020 presidential candidate, Hart Cunningham, is strongly motivated to save Americans from the same devastating loss his family experienced. The loss of his father, less than a year after a brain cancer diagnosis, at a time when cultural and legal barriers made it difficult to access CBD treatment, created deep empathy within Cunningham for the millions of Americans with terminal and life-altering illnesses.

For much of his life, Cunningham was a self-described “anti-drug, sports-focused, never a drink in college while taking 8-9 classes per semester to get ahead” type of American. Shortly after entering his thirties, however, shoulder pain led him to CBDs, which he found allowed him to continue focusing on his businesses, and not intense pain. Still, he never considered himself an advocate for the legalization of a federally classified Schedule I drug.

Then, a tragic diagnosis, his father’s aggressive brain cancer, presented an opportunity to share his learnings with, at the least, his loved ones. Cunningham dived deep into oncology study after study, researching ways to help his father beat the cancer that stole from the seasoned author even the ability to write a complete sentence.

It wasn’t until just weeks before his death that Cunningham’s father overcame the social stigma, acquiesced to his son, and signed up for a medical cannabis card. The crippling insomnia he’d suffered for months as a result of twice daily cancer treatments vanished on the first night; he slept soundly. But, the treatment came too late – and Cunningham wishes to this day that his father had been presented with CBD as a complementary treatment from day one.

In a recent Hart2020 campaign video, Cunningham implores viewers to, “Look at the evidence, look at it from a scientific standpoint.” And his supporters are right there with him, with one American commenting, “Thank you, thank you, thank YOU! You actually ‘get it.’ Looking forward to your Presidency, Mr. Hart.”

With a Cunningham Administration, Americans may finally see cannabis rescheduled on a federal level, gaining access to a drug critical to the health and wellbeing of millions.

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