MyBody GX Taps Vast Potential of DNA-Driven Nutrition and Fitness Solutions


As national advertising campaigns aggressively promote DNA test kits to satisfy curiosity about the countries from which ancestors originated, Austin-based entrepreneur, Kati Epps, founder of MyBody GX, is advancing new possibilities for genomic testing to unlock far more critical information: solutions preventative and performance health concerns based on insights into an individual’s specific genotype.

A prominent Austin-area fitness coach and nutrition consultant, with a certification from the American Council on Exercise (A.C.E.), along with a degree in Chemistry, Kati Epps has observed first-hand for years that regardless of where individuals are on their health and fitness journeys, all are uniquely wired. What serves as an optimal intake of proteins, fats and carbohydrates for one individual, combined with recommendations for activity and exercise, might lead to significantly different results for another.

“Every one of us on this earth is a unique individual,” Epps emphasized. “Recent breakthroughs in DNA testing are leading to actionable and life-changing information and insights that are removing barriers to the discovery of inner strength and greater capacity for healthy, joyful lives.”

A range of DNA testing products targeted toward specific concerns and goals –optimal nutrition, general wellness, weight loss, performance, and vitality – are available from the MyBody GX online store. DNA test kits provide instructions for collecting a DNA sample, registering the test kit online, and returning it to the lab.

Following receipt of a detailed report, MyBody GX provides a one-hour personalized consultation to ensure clarification as needed, and to refine a nutrition and fitness plan based on individual goals.

Those who have already purchased and received ancestry information from 23andMe are eligible to purchase MyBody GX tests at a discount, without needing to submit another sample for DNA testing


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