The Rogovy Foundation Announces 2018 Summer Awards

The Rogovy Foundation is pleased to announce the Miller / Packan Documentary Fund Summer 2018 award winners. The Fund awards grants totaling $150,000 to between six and ten film projects annually through Summer and Winter open calls.

These six selections represent a cross section of interests that the Foundation supports:

Lady Buds — Six women are transitioning from the black market cannabis industry in California. These modern-day superheroes put principles before profits and challenge the cultural stigma around cannabis. Director: Chris Russo.

Bastards’ Road — Walking almost 6,000 miles, Marine Veteran Jonathan Hancock fights PTSD and other demons from the war. In the solitude of the road and in the company of his fellow Marine brothers and gold star families, Hancock discovers his survivable self. Director: Brian Morrison.

Safer Stuff: Green Chemistry Gets Down to Business — Highlighting solutions to problems of toxic chemicals in everyday products, a passionate group of green chemists and entrepreneurs adopt green chemistry solutions and safe products. Director: William Hemminger.

Healing from Hate: Battle for the Soul of a Nation — An examination of the root causes of hate group activity through the work of Life After Hate – an organization founded by former Skinheads and Neo-Nazis now engaged in de-radicalizing and transforming violent extremists. Director: Peter Hutchinson.

Eternal Harvest — Hundreds of Laotians work to clear their country of millions of deadly unexploded bombs from a U.S. bombing campaign 50 years ago; one American, a retired Wisconsin school principal, Jim Harris, works among them in the field. Director: Jerry Redfern.

Trumphobia: What Both Sides Fear — Fervent supporters and scared opponents were hypnotized by Trump’s rhetoric and the media’s interpretation, increasing a dangerous political division. Can they stop and listen to each other before they tear apart democracy as we know it. Director: Carolina Sosa.

“These documentaries all raise awareness about very timely issues.” said Asher Rogovy, Foundation Vice-President. “We are glad to be supporting them.”

Applications are now being accepted for the Winter 2019 open call, ending November 15.

Further details on the Miller / Packan Fund can be found at:

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